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Biom are thrilled to be supporting the McGrath Foundation

Biom are thrilled to be supporting the McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation is a breast cancer support and education charity in Australia, which raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia and increase breast health awareness.

As one of Australia's best known and most loved Not-For-Profit organisations, Biom is thrilled to announce the opportunity for all clients to get behind the McGrath Foundation’s incredible work supporting individuals and families experiencing breast cancer right around Australia.

Please visit for more information.

A huge shout out and thank you to all of the the amazing nurses and staff at the McGrath Foundation, from all of us at Biom.

Get the facts of skin science in two minutes.

Get the facts of skin science in two minutes.

Never waste your money again! Biom's formulation team provide a definitive guide to skin science in two minutes :)


What does my skin really need?

Like the rest of the body, human skin requires a range of essential nutrients and environmental protectors to function at it's peak. The eight most important skin constituents are:

  • Water (hydration)
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Amino acids (peptides)
  • Sun protection.

    Specific types of these nutrients work together to help skin protect and repair itself naturally.

    What is skin care supposed to do?

    The purpose of skin care is to provide essential skin nutrients topically, in a bio-available format that supplements provision from within the body. In addition, skin care should protect skin from environmental damage, particularly sun damage, oxidisation and dehydration. Proper nutrition, environmental protection and tailored clinical correction are the fundamental drivers of improved skin health and appearance.

    What are the most important skin care ingredients?

    There isn't a ‘magic’ skin care ingredient. Rather, dermatologists generally agree that skin care should be ‘multi-functional’ - delivering essential skin nutrition in a balanced, bio-available way, similar to a properly absorbed multi-vitamin. Some brands require consumers to layer separate skin care products to achieve this, because it can be complex and costly to formulate clinically effective multi-functional products.

    What differentiates ‘good’ and ‘normal’ skin care?

    The main skill in formulating skin care is to:

    • Provide skin with the essential nutrition, protection and correction in clinically effective amounts
    • Ensure that all constituents can be properly absorbed and biologically used
    • Ensure that the formulation supports natural skin physiology, rather than being inflammatory or harsh.

    It can be complex to formulate skin care that achieves these outcomes synergistically, especially in a single product that maintains the effectiveness of each individual constituent. Consequently, most supermarket and department store products are really just basic moisturisers or simple serums that need to be layered to be effective.

    What’s the difference between day and night skin care?

    There are two main reasons to separate day and night skin care products or formulations:

    • Effective day skin care should include sun protection, which is obviously not needed at night; and
    • Effective night skin care should include Vitamin A (Retinol), which can increase skin sensitivity to the sun during the day.

    Therefore, day skin care should include skin nutrients and sun protection, but not Vitamin A. Night skin care should include Vitamin A, but not sun protection. There are forms of Retinol that can be applied during the day, however night time absorption is generally more effective.

    Which is better, natural or clinical skin care?

    This is a common question fueled primarily by marketing angles from both camps. The bottom line is that neither approach is ‘better’ or ‘worse’. What matters is the way in which molecules are extracted from plants or synthesised to form the active constituents in skin care. Both of these processes are done in laboratories and, done correctly, both produce similar molecules that can be effectively used by the skin. Done improperly, both approaches produce 'inactive' molecules that are largely ineffective and waste of time on your skin.The best skin care usually contains a mix of plant derived and synthesised molecules in a protective delivery system ensures active bio availability.

    And, of course, what makes Biom Skincare different?

    We couldn’t conclude this article without quick overview of what makes Biom different! As mentioned, many skin care products are really just basic moisturisers or serums that need to be layered to be effective. Biom products are very different, because they deliver clinically recommended doses of every essential skin nutrient, environmental protector and clinical corrector in one ultra-simple solution tailoried specifically for men's unique skin needs and daily routines. Bottom line: From a scientific point of view the fact is you simply can't get better men's skin care, irrespective of price.

    Visit Biom Collections to enjoy your healthiest skin, for life.

    Are you strong enough for cold showers?!

    Are you strong enough for cold showers?!

    Want to start your day fresh? Next time you're in the shower, make it a cold one!

    Coined as the “James Bond” or “Scottish" shower, the benefits of cold showers are becoming increasingly well known. Here's the top 5 reasons why turning off the hot tap can be great for your health:

    1. Increase alertness
    When you jump in a cold shower, your body's deep breathing in response to cold shock keep you warm and increases overall oxygen intake. This elevates your heart rate and blood flow, giving you a shot of energy.

    2. Refine hair and skin
    Cold water can help prevent your skin from being stripped of its natural oils too quickly, whilst making your hair shinier, stronger and healthier by flattening follicles and increasing their strength.

    3. Improve immunity and circulation
    Cold water improves circulation by encouraging blood to surround your organs, which in turn helps combat some skin and heart problems. As the water hits your body, your improved circulation boosts your overall heart health. 

    4. Stimulate weight loss
    The human body contains two types of fat tissue - white fat and brown fat. White fat is accumulated when you consume more calories than your body requires to function. Brown fat is the good fat, which generates heat to keep your body warm and is activated when exposed to extreme cold. A 2009 study found that exposure to extreme cold temperatures activated brown fat in 23 out of 24 participants by a 15-fold increase, meaning someone could lose up to nine pounds in a year though cold therapy alone. 

    5. Speed up muscle recovery
    We've all seen professional athletes taking ice baths to reduce muscle soreness. Did you know a cold shower after your own session can be just as effective, especially in relieving delayed-onset muscle soreness? A 2009 study analyzing over 360 people who'd either rested or immersed themselves in cold water after training, found that cold water therapy was effective in relieving sore muscles for up to four days later. 

    So, there you have it! Love that cold tap and get even stronger!