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Our vision

Our vision is literally for the universal idea of 'personal care' to be re-imagined as 'collective care', where the shared daily ritual of looking after ourselves, becomes a powerful moment to also look after each other.

Our possibility

Personal care products are among the world's most valuable and shippable consumables, with world-wide spending now exceeding $400bn / annum and some products worth more by weight than gold. That means if more of us get involved, we can harness our universal desire to look and feel great, to simultaneously solve almost any challenge you choose.

Our assumption

Whether you're a man or a woman, Hollywood lead or everyday star, when it comes to skin care we all want the same thing: The one that really works.

Our promise

To give you skin care that's scientifically and professionally as good as skin care gets (irrespective of price), so that it's easier to support the causes you care about. 

How it works

    1. We work with the world's leading cosmetic scientists and ingredient developers to make clinically definitive men's skin care, simplified;
    2. We pay our staff and suppliers at normal market rates;
    3. 50% of all remaining profits go to leading Australian Not-For-Profit projects and Foundations, focused on the health of the oceans, the earth and our greatest human challenges;
    4. The remaining 50% goes to purpose-led investors committed to the Biom vision and to helping us grow.

    Our impact partners

    We are currently funding the McGrath Foundation’s incredible work supporting individuals and families experiencing breast cancer right around Australia.
    For more information please visit www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au

    We rotate impact partners annually, informed by Biom customer voting ('Choose Your Challenge') and the need to fund Australia's most pressing human and environmental health challenges.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us here.

    We deeply thank you for supporting us too and look forward to being with you on your journey.