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Founded in 2014, Biom works with the world's leading cosmetic scientists to produce ultra-high performance clinical men's skin care, in ultra-simple solutions tailored specifically to men's unique skin needs and daily routines.

We launched publicly in 2017 after one of our Directors, Cameron, accompanied his mother to a breast cancer appointment. It was a difficult time, with Cameron's father and grandfather also having passed away from cancer only a few years earlier.

Sitting in the hospital, Cameron realised that despite his family's recent journey, he hadn't given as much as he'd like to the organisations and individuals that had helped so much. He saw an opportunity to make it much easier for people to give back, by re-imagining the shared daily ritual of looking after ourselves, as a powerful moment to also look after each other.

From this premise, we set about creating a clinical skin care concept based on science not fashion - that exists to help us all thrive. Our promise: To give you professional men's skin care that's clinically as good as skin care gets, so that it's easier to support the causes you care about. 

We deeply thank you for supporting us too and look forward to being with you on your journey.

How is Biom different?

Biom products are based on industry leading skin science and dermatology, not fashion trends or marketing hype.

Instead of releasing product after product, we work with the world's leading cosmetic scientists to curate the industries most clinically effective ingredients and technologies into the simplest possible systems, free of unnecessary layering, cost or complexity. 

We update our formulas regularly to stay at the cutting edge of dermatological science, ensuring that you're always using the most effective skin care available and enjoying your healthiest skin, for life. 

Please visit our Science page for factual information about skin care, our Collections page for details of Biom formulations and our Impact page for details of our funding partners.

Thank you for joining us.